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About Njambiz Travels

Njambiz travels is an upcoming travel and tours agency offering authentic experiences in your Kenyan travels and beyond. We believe that Kenya has so much to offer and our goal is to share the exciting, beautiful and exhilarating hidden treasures of Kenya. We also offer tour packages to Tanzania, Dubai and your destinations of choice. Experience travel in a whole new and exciting way when you book with us!


Flight Bookings

We have partnered with an IATA agent for special fares and great service in flight bookings. We also book your flights online on airline websites where lower fares are available online.


Hotel Bookings

We are working with some of the top hotels in Kenya to get you top level services at great prices. We will also be partnering with some of the top hotel booking platforms to get you the online booking service on our website.


Why choose Njambiz?

Authentic Experiences

We promise you authentic travel experiences that explore the beauty, culture and adventures of each of your travel destinations fully.

Attention to detail

We plan your travel down to the smallest details, taking into account each step of the journey to ensure all your needs are taken care of.

Value for Money

With each package you book from Njambiz Travels, you always get a little bit extra whether it's a private dinner or a cultural souvenir.